Tuesday, December 10, 2013
      As the HAÇİKO Association for the Protection of Animals from Despair and Apathy, of which Ömür GEDİK is the President, a ball was held with Eyüp Municipality for the launch of the HAÇİKO STREET ANIMALS HOUSING and EDUCATION CENTER, which is rare even in Europe, where the land and building will be constructed.
        Our Venue Sponsor SHERATON Istanbul Ataköy Hotel, with the Main Sponsorship of EURUPAGÖZ, the Co-Sponsorship of ALTINBAŞ HOLDING and the Media Sponsorship of KRAL TV, the gala night where plaques will be given to Animal Lover Celebrities due to the HAÇİKO GOLDEN PATH AWARD CEREMONY for business, art, politics, cinema, TV and entertainment. media members attended and Vizyon Production / Atilla Kaplakarslan took part in the support of Behzat GERÇEKER and Enbe Orchestra with their Live Performances by Ferhat GÖÇER, Rafet El Roman, Atiye, Yusuf GÜNEY and Presenter Vatan ŞAŞMAZ for support. Together with Ömür Gedik, they sang the song called "Balezim" for the first time in the night.
        Halit KIVANÇ, Abdurrahman CELIK, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Copyright and Cinema General Manager, Sinan VARDAR Jolly Tour, Füsun ÖNAL, Kerem GÖĞÜŞ, Wilma ELLES, Tayga GEDİK Koç University, Berk OKTAY, İbrahim ÇELİKKOL, Lale ÇANGAL, Gonca VUSLAERİ, Aylin Celebrities and Institutions with Animal Lovers such as ARASIL, D&R Store, Tropikal PET and Murat ŞEKER SugarWorkz were given the GOLDEN PAW AWARD.
        Head of the Association related to HAÇİKO STREET ANIMALS HOME and EDUCATION CENTER. Important details from Mr. Ömür GEDİK;

  •     The project, the foundation of which is planned to be laid in May, ANATOLIA SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE Assoc. and Master Architect Gülay Yedekçi ARSLAN as Donation,
  •     It will be built on approximately 15 decares of land and will be a structure that produces its own energy and is heated from the bottom,
  •     The Education Center, which teaches the Love of Animals to the Family and their Children by educating them,
  •     Theater Hall and Playground for Children,
  •     Dog Hotel and Dog Walking Area,
  •     Outdoor Huts will be built by Koç University students,
  •     Outdoor garden arrangements will be made by Zarif Peyzaj as a donation,
  •     Cat section beds will be donated by Baby Corner,
  •     Cat or Dog will have Caring Families and will be able to take care of them and come and care for them on weekends,
  •     There will be a Gift Sale shop inside the shelter,
  •     The Treatment Center will be located on a 24-hour basis,
  •     There will be an Orientation Room,
  •     The center will be supervised 24 hours a day with a camera system,
  •     Hunting. Edip ÖNDER and ÖNDER LAW Attorneys and Att. Serdar ULUÇ will voluntarily serve for HAÇİKO. It is submitted for your information. Regards